Since its establishment until now, Phu Anh Construction has continuously grown. Phu Anh Construction has grown not only in terms of production scale, but also sales. Currently, Phu Anh Construction always holds the leading position in the market in manufacturing and supplying construction material production lines. Equipment lines manufactured by Phu Anh Construction are mass-produced according to European standards. All equipment is thoroughly checked for quality before being shipped.


Phu Anh Construction And Service Trading Co., Ltd


As a young enterprise, Phu Anh Construction increasingly strongly asserts its position in the field of construction and materials supply in Vietnam.



With a team of highly qualified engineers and employees in the field of materials and construction, Phu Anh Construction has gradually affirmed its brand name in the field of basic construction, bring trust to Customers, Partners and Investors…



Phu Anh Construction always conceives its Quality Policy as “Considering sustainable development as a key factor to create value, not only by economic development but also associated with activities in the field of security environmental and social protection”.